5 Best Foods To Avoid Jet Lag

From popping pills to putting on sunglasses, most travellers are desperate to find ways of reducing the effects of a long flight.

In the video below, Buzz60 reveals the best foods to eat before and during your next trip. Foods like bananas can reduce cramping, while tart cherries will help you catch a few Zzzs on board. The easy-to-pack food list includes a mix of nuts, fruits and teas that you can sip on after the plane lands.

If you're not a fan of in-flight snacks or nap time, sunlight can also help cure the fogginess caused by jet lag. Doctors say that the key to avoiding extreme jet lag is light exposure, but knowing when and how long is important. Thankfully there's a new app called Entrain developed by medical students specifically for jet lag that can do those calculations for you.

Watch the video above to find out which foods will help you feel your best after a long flight.

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