03/25/2015 12:12 EDT | Updated 03/26/2015 01:59 EDT

The 5 Best Foods For Productivity

If your typical diet keeps your feeling sluggish, just shake up your menu — it'll boost your mood too.

In the video above, Buzz60 lists the best foods to help you feel and perform your best. Some foods on the list boost your brainpower, while others keep you energized and feeling good. The list includes a mix of fruits, veggies and plenty of protein even vegetarians can enjoy.

And while the foods you eat in the morning might make you more productive later in the day, researchers at UCLA say it can also impact your future grandkids' brain synapses too. Similar studies at Duke University suggest the diet you consume can change the cells in your body, including egg and sperm cells, which are passed down to your offspring, Livescience reports.

While these five foods will generally help you feel good all day, you can be a little more proactive in your quest for productivity by focusing on specific foods for specific functions. This list of 100 foods for productivity details the best foods for sleep, sight, sickness and so much more.

Watch the video above to find out which foods will help you (and your future family) perform your best.

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