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Kayla Bourque, B.C. Animal Killer, Arrested For Alleged Probation Breach

Described as an "affectionless psychopath," Kayla Bourque had been jailed for butchering two family pets.

Kayla Bourque, an "affectionless psychopath" who butchered two family pets, has been arrested for allegedly breaching her probation.

Bourque, now 25, is accused of breaking her release conditions by possessing a device capable of accessing the Internet, accessing the Internet, and accessing social networking sites, reported The Vancouver Sun.

She was jailed in 2012 after pleading guilty to charges relating to torturing and killing a cat and a dog.

When she was released in 2013 after seven months in custody, officials issued a rare public notification about her plans to live in Vancouver.

A judge had ordered Bourque to follow 46 conditions, including a curfew and strict orders not to associate with minors or visiting areas where children may be present. She was also banned from owning pets.

Police were first alerted to Bourque — who was studying criminology at Simon Fraser University — by a frightened fellow student. She told the student she had killed the family pets in Prince George where she was raised, and how she wanted to kill a homeless person.

After the student called authorities, police searched Bourque's room and found a bag with a seven-inch knife, razor blade, mask and a syringe. They also found video evidence of the animal slaughterings.

A psychiatrist has described her as an "affectionless psychopath" and "sexual sadist who becomes extremely aroused at thoughts of aggression and torture."

Bourque admitted to hanging and dismembering Molly the family dog, then taking a photo of herself naked standing next to its remains. She killed Snowflake the family cat in a similar fashion several months later, according to court evidence.

Charged with attempted murder as a teen

Bourque was born in Romania and lived in an orphanage there until she was adopted by a Canadian family at eight months old.

When she was in her teens, she wrote a violent story in English class and told councillors she was thinking of killing someone at school. She was admitted to a psychiatric ward, according to court documents, where she encouraged two other people to help her attempt to strangle a 12-year-old patient.

She was charged with attempted murder but eventually pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm, for which she received two years of probation.

At the time, the psychologist who assessed Bourque predicted she would require supervision for the rest of her life.

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