How To Define The Sexual Bases, Once And For All

First things first: we're going to suggest you never, ever describe how far you've gone sexually with a partner by using sports metaphors, or kissing and telling at all. That's just a bad game plan. (Shoot!)

But in the hilarious video above (that features some bleeped out dirty words, so consider yourself warned), people on the street do their best to define what exactly constitutes the first base, second base and third base of the sexual world. We figure everyone has the home run part down pat.

While it's the kind of conversation that might take place during a middle school recess, it's interesting to see the varied ways in which those guidelines for personal relations are taken. Not to mention that it's a useful conversation to have in terms of consent — one person's third base may be someone else's rounding into second, so make sure you're both on the same page.

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