03/26/2015 12:37 EDT | Updated 03/27/2015 09:59 EDT

Wild Lynx Called With 'Kitty Kitty' In Terrace Bay, Ont.

Would you call a cougar like this?

You wouldn't call a cougar "kitty kitty," would you?

So why a lynx?

Beth-Ann Colebourne apparently couldn't help herself when she spotted a wild feline in Terrace Bay, Ont. on Tuesday.

A video posted to YouTube shows the cat walking calmly at an outdoor mall as people watch it from close by. Colebourne can be heard calling the animal to her and saying "kitty kitty."

Cute though the lynx is, calling out "kitty kitty" is probably one of the last things you should do when you see one.

It is, after all, a relative of the cougar and the bobcat. And certain breeds have been known to attack humans.

So, you know, keep your distance!

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