03/26/2015 01:37 EDT | Updated 05/25/2015 05:59 EDT

Wild West meets disco in fall-winter collection from Hayley Elsaesser

TORONTO - Hayley Elsaesser said she likes trying to combine design ideas that seem to have nothing in common — and her latest sources of inspiration are no exception.

The Canadian designer made the unexpected creative merger between the Wild West and disco in her fall-winter collection dubbed "Midnight Cowboy" — but it didn't end there.

"I threw in kind of a bit of a samurai vibe which I think tied them together somehow. It's just all that mixed together," Elsaesser said backstage on Wednesday at World MasterCard Fashion Week.

The audacious mix of bold graphic prints and vibrant colour pairings are certainly not intended for fashion wallflowers, with the bright patterns stamped on jackets, dresses, pants and overalls.

There's little chance of blending into the background with designs flaunting whimsical prints of snakes, leopards and cowboy hats on 8-balls, as well as a silhouette of a cowboy emblazoned atop a shimmering disco ball.

Elsaesser unveiled her futuristic take on camo with knits featured in the range.

She also made a purposeful statement on the runway with the diverse casting of models selected to showcase the clothes.

"I had a transgendered model, different ethnicities, different sizes from 5-2 to 6-foot-2. So, I just wanted to have someone that everyone in the audience can relate to, I'd say.

"I have a variety of customers, so I feel I also have to represent that with my models, and not just have one little portion of society on the runway."

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