03/27/2015 03:53 EDT | Updated 05/27/2015 05:59 EDT

NDP Propose Amendments To Anti-Terror Bill

OTTAWA - The Opposition New Democrats are calling for a series of amendments to the federal government's controversial anti-terrorism bill. Some of the key proposals:

Delete provisions that would:

— Create a new offence of promoting terrorism.

— Lower the threshold for preventative detention.

— Give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service new disruption powers.

Add provisions that would:

— Restore the position of inspector general of CSIS, a watchdog abolished three years ago.

— Create a committee to develop best means of parliamentary oversight.

— Create a community outreach and deradicalization co-ordinator.

— Ensure a legislative review within 30 months.

— Allow elements of the law to expire after three years, unless Parliament decides to renew them.

Limit the bill's scope by narrowing:

— Information-sharing provisions to cover only terrorism.

— Grounds for placing someone on a no-fly list and providing a better appeal process.

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