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16 Grumpy Bunnies That Are Totally Over Easter

Easter's on its way. So's the day after.

Easter is on its way. But so is the day after.

And that's what a lot of these bunnies are excited for.

Sure, the weeks leading up to Easter can be fun — everyone falls in love with rabbits again, and can't wait for them to drop chocolate eggs in random places.

But the attention can be grating. Everyone WANTS something from you. And you can't give a kid coal like Santa Claus can.

We here at The Huffington Post Canada thought we'd take a minute to recognize that Easter maybe isn't loved by everyone. Especially these bunnies.

This floral arrangement is garish and the basket isn't comfy. Try again.

Here. THIS is what it feels like to be a close talker. Do you like it? Didn't think so.

A photo posted by Boo (@littleboo_bunny) on

You think because I open my cage, I'm going to come out? I'm not so predictable, bucko.

A photo posted by @anngry_bunny on

Easter is about me, not the damn ducks! I am NOT coming out from under here until that quack leaves!

A photo posted by @xednax on

No! I did NOT want a blowout this Easter!

Wait, what? You promised me a chocolate bar! What is this crap?

A photo posted by Puck the Bunny (@00carrots) on

Go ahead. Take away the iPad when I'm playing "Angry Birds: Easter." I. Freaking. Dare. You.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But it won't make me get over that non-organic lettuce you fed me.

You were supposed to clean out the cage. Now you've forced me to do something I don't want to do. You do NOT want me moving from this spot.

A photo posted by Dale Malby (@dale_malby) on

Talk to the bum, 'cause the face don't care.

A photo posted by Suvi Lindén (@suvilinden) on

You SAID you'd get me the penthouse suite! The Easter Bunny DESERVES the penthouse suite!

A photo posted by Colin Felt (@colinfelt) on

Kids can't wait for me to come. But no one ever REALLY sees me.

MOM! The cat was bullying me again!

La la la, can't see you, la la la!

Does not play well with others.

You know, we don't LIKE being picked up.

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