03/28/2015 10:19 EDT | Updated 05/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Woman rescued after apparent fall at UBC

Vancouver Fire crews rescued a 19-year-old UBC student in distress from a forested area near Wreck Beach, early Saturday morning.

Vancouver Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeff Coroliuc said initially a Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft, an RCMP helicopter, and a high-angle rescue team were all called to the rescue.

“The trails out here are dark, we got reports of someone falling off a cliff,” Coroliuc said.

But the hovercraft and helicopter were not required, after emergency crews found the young woman capable of getting herself out of the woods.

Unclear if woman fell

BC Ambulance Service Duty Supervisor Darlene Redman said it wasn't clear how the UBC student got into trouble.

“She may have taken some sort of fall. I haven’t got enough information to give you any particulars of what type of fall, or how far she may have fallen. But she was able to walk out independently, and that’s a good sign."

Coroliuc, who was no longer on scene when the woman made it to the top of the trail, said the student didn't actually fall off a cliff.

“I believe she was just lost and separated from her friends."

But the woman's friends say she had slipped off some sort of embankment and got scratched up.

According to Redman, the woman did appear to be injured.

"She was transported by our primary care paramedic team to Vancouver General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries,” said Redman. "She did need assessment from a physician at the hospital.”

Area riddled with unauthorized trails

Officials weren't sure how the student accessed the area, but crews found a hole cut in the fence at the top of the hill.

Coroliuc said the breach in the fence was a concern, as it allowed access to potentially hazardous slopes below.

“We come out here a few times a year with that exact same thing, people kind of wander off the trail into the unauthorized part and they wind up slipping,” said Coroliuc.

In early March, another UBC student needed rescuing after slipping down a 30-metre drop nearby. He got into trouble after becoming disoriented in the dark and making his way onto an unauthorized trail.