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Bill Cosby Heckler Asks Him To 'Tell The One About How To Get Away With Rape'

"I can't speak for those women, but I am determined to stand up with them and tell Mr. Cosby that he cannot simply avoid answering..."

Comedian Bill Cosby performs at the Buell Theater in Denver, Saturday, Jan. 17, 2015. Cosby, 77, is facing sexual assault accusations from at least 15 women, with some of the claims dating back decades. He has denied the allegations through his attorney and has never been charged with a crime. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Bill Cosby's troubles on his tour are far from finished, it appears.

The comedian was confronted by a heckler about 15 minutes into a show in Baltimore last Friday, when a man yelled, "Tell us the one about how to get away with rape," in a video provided to the City Paper.

The heckler, Michael Crook, said he stood up to Cosby because he believes the "women who have come forward so far to accuse him of raping them.

"I can't speak for those women, but I am determined to stand up with them and tell Mr. Cosby that he cannot simply avoid answering for those crimes," he said.

Crook heckled Cosby at a show that took place at the Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric.

The comedian was actually confronted by a number of protesters who sat in the balcony and demanded that he respond to the allegations, The Washington Post reported.

Members of the audience told the protesters to "shut up" as Cosby tried to quiet people down.

"Just remain calm," the Post quoted him saying. "We are here to enjoy my gift. We are not here to argue. Let those people speak. We will find them and ask them to leave."

The protesters later left and Cosby continued his act in a theatre that had rows of empty seats, the newspaper said.

Over the past few months, more than three dozen women have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault. Last week, he faced allegations from two women who said he drugged and then sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers, many years ago.

Margie Shapiro alleged she was 19 when she met the comedian. She said Cosby took her to the Playboy mansion, where she ingested a pill after losing a bet and later found him sexually assaulting her when she regained consciousness.

The other woman, Sunni Welles, said she met Cosby in Hollywood when she was 17.

The allegations against Cosby have dogged him at numerous points on his tour, including dates in Ontario that saw protests and heckling.

At a show in London, a woman left her seat to grab a drink. Cosby asked where she was going, then she asked him whether he wanted one himself.

He then joked, "You have to be careful about drinking around me."

Members of the audience gasped, then cheered and applauded.

Cosby's tour has dates booked in cities such as Atlanta and Providence, R.I. up to June 26, according to Ticketmaster.

Engagements in Albany, Rochester and Toms River, N.J. have been cancelled.

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