03/30/2015 02:14 EDT | Updated 03/30/2015 02:59 EDT

John Oliver: April Fool's Day Is 'Awful' And You Should Not Do It

"Anyone who is excited for April Fool's Day is probably a sociopath."

So, who's looking forward to April Fool's Day?

No one except the worst people, if you ask John Oliver.

"Last Week Tonight" won't air this week, but the host nevertheless felt it necessary to drop an exclusive online video to warn people about April 1.

His message for anyone who plans to carry out pranks on their co-workers and loved ones on Wednesday is this: don't.

"Anyone who is excited for April Fool's Day is probably a sociopath," he said. "Because what they're really saying is, 'I cannot wait to hurt the people close to me.'"

He asks his audience to take a pledge NOT to partake in the annual prank war and help restore April 1 to its proper purpose: suddenly fretting about doing your taxes.

Anything to avoid pranks that hurt the vulnerable and satisfy the sadistic.

The Huffington Post Canada has a few more cautionary tales about April Fool's Day right here.

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