03/30/2015 02:00 EDT | Updated 03/30/2015 02:59 EDT

Lululemon's 'Anti-Ball Crushing' Pants Are The Answer To Every Man's Prayers

Lululemon really cares about the comfort of their male clientele and their, uh, business.

The athletic company's "anti-ball crushing" pant, a.k.a. the "ABC pant," is the answer to every man's prayers as they allow "the family jewels room to breathe," according to the product description.

For $128, men will be able to hang free on a day-to-day basis, thanks to the sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric on the business-casual pants. And since they feature a slim fit, the company "ensures your pants and your bike chain won't cross paths."

You can't put a price on that kind of protection.

The anatomy-friendly pants are so popular, they've helped drive a 16 per cent increase in sales, according to the company's Chief Executive Officer, Laurent Potdevin. They've also received glowing reviews on the site, with one user saying the pants hugged him in "all the right places."

The pants come in tan, khaki and, of course, black, and are available in regular and tall fit. But if you want a pair, act fast, as they are selling quickly (the khaki pant is already sold out in sizes 32 to 40).

Ballsy move, Lululemon!

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