03/30/2015 12:26 EDT | Updated 05/30/2015 05:59 EDT

Montreal-area English CEGEPs to vote on student strike

English-language CEGEPs in the Montreal area are scheduled to vote this week on whether to join protests against the Quebec government's budget cuts. 

Champlain College in St. Lambert is holding a vote today, while both Dawson and Vanier colleges plan to do the same tomorrow and Wednesday.

Much like in 2012, this spring's student protests have been largely driven by students at French-language CEGEPs and universities.

Among English schools, so far students in several departments at Concordia University have voted to strike.

Hannah Arnason Mcneil, the Dawson student union's director of mobilization and communications, said she wants her own school to join the movement.

"The austerity measures that are being put in place are going to affect Dawson specifically, and on a larger level I think that austerity is something that Dawson students should be aware about and informed about," Mcneil, who studies science at the school.

But KarimFezzani, a second-year modern languages student, is against the idea. 

"If Dawson goes whether even on a half-day strike or even takes part in a one-day strike, we're taking part in a movement that is first of all depriving students from getting educated," Fezzani said. 

If Dawson votes in favour of a strike it would be held on Thursday.

Mcneil said the administration has agreed to allow students to take an unused snow day to make up the time.