03/30/2015 04:50 EDT | Updated 03/30/2015 04:59 EDT

Vancouver Police Officer Smashes Car Window, Drags Driver Out (VIDEO)

"You must think I'm f***ing joking."

A YouTube video showing a Vancouver police sergeant smashing a driver's window is turning a spotlight on how much force police officers should be allowed to use.

The motorist, who uses the name Bodhi Sattva on YouTube, apparently recorded the incident in November, and uploaded it this week.

The driver opens his window slightly and asks why he's been stopped. When the officer refuses to answer, and the driver declines to get out, the exchange gets more heated.

The sergeant then says he can smell marijuana in the car and warns that he's going to "break the window now in two seconds," asking again that the driver either roll down his window or get out.

He refuses, and the glass shatters moments later.

"You must think I'm f***ing joking," the policeman says before pulling the man out of the car and onto the street.

On a blog that appears to belong to the driver, he wrote: "I was physically assaulted and it has left me emotionally traumatized. I do not feel safe anymore, I’m living in fear now. I was given a road side examination and I was not found to be impaired or under the influence. What happened that night was a violation of my constitutional rights. I don’t deserve to be treated this way."

The driver has not responded to media requests for comment.

Vancouver police Const. Brian Montague said drivers should co-operate if they want to avoid a confrontation.

"It is quite simple. If someone does not want the police to use force then they need to comply. We never have to use force with a co-operative person," he told The Province.

Criminal lawyer Paul Doroshenko told CTV News that there's no justification for the officer's actions.

"The behaviour of police is just, frankly, shocking to me," Doroshenko told the outlet. "You've got somebody pulled over at the roadside (so) you have an obligation to tell them why you're detaining them."

The driver has been charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession for the purposes of trafficking and obstructing a police officer, reported CBC News.

On his blog, the driver said that he has a prescription for medical marijuana.

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