03/31/2015 08:10 EDT | Updated 05/31/2015 05:59 EDT

Air Canada AC624: Runway won't be fully operational for a month

It could take a month before flights are given the go-ahead to land on the Halifax airport runway where an Air Canada plane crashed upon entry Sunday.

Joyce Carter, CEO of the Halifax International Airport Authority, said work is underway to get runway 05/23 operational as quickly as possible.

Air Canada will remove the wreckage from Flight AC624 in the next few days. The airport will then inspect the runway for damage repair it if required, setting it up to handle flights in good weather within a few days. 

"However, it will likely take a minimum of at least a month before the navigational aids, damaged during the incident, can be replaced by NavCanada. This means that unfavourable weather conditions — wind, poor visibility, etc.— could affect airline flight schedules," she said late Monday.

After crashing, the Airbus A320, which had left Toronto en route to Halifax, slid another 335 metres down the runway. There were 133 passengers and five crew members on board. Twenty-three people were taken to hospital, none with critical injuries.

On Monday, the airport began a full review of its response to the crash.

"We are looking at what we did well and at the things we can improve upon and build into our plans and standard operating procedures," Carter said.

It took an hour to get passengers off the runway and into shelter after the crash.

​The passengers, many wearing summer clothes, were stuck in the snowstorm.