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April Fool's Day Pranks For Kids That Can Work On Adults

Draw faces on all the eggs in the carton.

egg carton faces

Listen for screams when someone wakes up to make scrambled eggs. (via

Slice bananas without anyone knowing.

sliced bananas

Stick a pin through the brown spot on a banana, and move it from one point to the next. Continue doing this in numerous spots. Leave the bananas in the fruit basket and watch the prankee react. (via Pinterest)

Draw a spider on toilet paper with a Sharpie.

toilet paper spider

It'll shock kids and coworkers alike. (via Pinterest)


broccoli lollipop

This can work just as easily on your wife or husband as the kids. (Via

The "powdered" doughnut.

powdered donut

Take donut. Sprinkle with flour or baking soda. Serve. Watch hilarity ensue. (via

Dye the milk.

green milk

An old trick that works. Dye the milk with food colouring, then watch the kids pour it into their cereal, and dad into his morning coffee. (via Apartment Therapy)

Underwear drawer switcheroo.

underwear drawer

Replace the kids' underwear with dad's, and vice versa. Or switch mom's underwear with dad's. Any way works. (via

Candied onions.

candied apples

Just imagine if those candied apples were actually ... ONIONS! (via

Non-sudsing soap

shower soap

Rub soap with nail polish and then just let it sit in the shower. Every member of the family will wonder why it's not foaming up. (via

Mashed potato sundae.


Ice cream and mashed potatoes look pretty similar from afar. Serve a nice tall glass of it doused in chocolate, and see if anyone notices a difference. (via

Those aren't Cheetos!


You know your partner likes to sneak little snacks away from time to time. Cheetos are a favourite, just like the kids'. Take a bag, cut a small hole in it, remove the cheesy bits and replace them with baby carrots. Seal the bag once more. They might notice before taking a bite, but the reaction will be worth the effort. (via BuzzFeed)

And finally, this.

April Fool's Day Pranks For Kids That Can Work On

Requires care with an exacto knife. The kids will be disappointed there's no pepperoni pizza coming. So will your spouse. (via Imgur)

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