Selfie Sticks Banned At Coachella, Lollapalooza Music Festivals

Add Coachella and Lollapalooza to the list of places that you can't use selfie sticks.

The major music festivals list the equipment among prohibited items on their respective sites.

Coachella goes so far as to call those who use them "narsisstics," [sic] while Lollapalooza has banned them alongside other camera equipment such as tripods and headgear. Coachella does include GoPros (the small video cameras worn on people's foreheads) in its allowed items list.

Reps for the festival did not return requests for comment to The Associated Press, which initially reported on the ban.

Selfie sticks allow users to take pictures of themselves at distances and angles that human arms might not allow.

They were patented by Canadian Wayne Fromm 10 years ago, who was inspired to make them while vacationing with his daughter in Italy, CTV News reported.

"We were on the Ponte Vecchio, and we were always exchanging our camera with a stranger, having them take our picture," he told the network. "We'd have to flag someone down, or one person would be in the picture and the other would be taking the picture. So that's when I had the inspiration for developing this."

Selfie sticks have grown in popularity, allowing people to pose more easily with major landmarks, monuments and art exhibits.

But they're also facing increasing scrutiny. Many museums have banned the instruments, with the Canadian Museum of Human Rights citing concerns about the safety of its visitors.

They're also banned at Smithsonian museums, the National Gallery in London and the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Coachella and Lollapalooza aren't the only music venues to ban the instrument either.

They're also not allowed at the Soundwave festival in Sydney or Brisbane, nor at the U.K.'s O2 Arena or SSE Wembley Arena, according to Music Times.

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