04/01/2015 11:48 EDT | Updated 06/01/2015 05:59 EDT

Heli-hockey rink takes off after Mountie's tweet

Playing hockey on top of a mountain is not just for Mounties anymore, now that a B.C. heli-ski company has begun offering people a chance to play hockey at a high elevation.

The company rk heliski, which is based in Invermere in southeastern B.C., built the outdoor rink on Shamrock Lake for a beer commercial. It is located at an elevation of 2,500 metres high up in the Purcell mountain range.

RCMP officer Cpl. Shaun Begg, who plays recreational hockey with Kaslo's Afterburners, had a chance to play shinny with his teammates and a few others on the remote rink.

Afterwards, Begg put on his red serge uniform for a skate and someone snapped a photo of him moving in for a shot on goal in front of the quintessential mountain backdrop.

Graham Holt, manager of rk heliski, said after the RCMP tweeted a shot of Begg and it became a viral hit, the operation's phone started ringing with calls from people who wanted to skate on the alpine rink.

Holt said he's since flown in hundreds of people ranging in age from seven to 70 wanting to play on the same mountain lake. The players include everyone from couples seeking a casual skate to hardcore hockey teams looking for an unforgettable game of shinny.

"It's my understanding no one else in the world has done this. So it's a completely novel experience and you can't get any more Canadian then playing hockey in an alpine environment up at 2,500 metres."

It costs $350 a player, but Holt warns anyone interested better be quick, because maintaining a rink at that elevation is a lot of work and he's not certain whether there will be a second season.

The original RCMP tweet