04/01/2015 04:26 EDT | Updated 04/01/2015 04:59 EDT

Ikea Art Gets Edgy With Limited Edition Graffiti-Inspired Graphics


If you love the look of graffiti, but aren't all that into the idea of spray painting your walls, Ikea has a cheap and cheery option coming your way.

Over the next six weeks, Ikea stores across Canada will feature graphic designs from global street artists. From China to Serbia, Poland to Brazil, local artists were commissioned to put their work on paper. Henrik Most, creative leader of Ikea Sweden, explains in a press release that the collaboration was a natural fit, since street art is for rebels and Ikea is "a friendly rebel company".

Each poster is printed on paper and affixed with double-sided tape for easy hanging, but putting it in a frame isn't a bad idea either. Priced at only $20 per print, these cool and colourful pieces can help you add a little character to your home without the cost commitment you're bound to with paintings.

The graphics are a far cry from the Breakfast at Tiffany's posters we're used to seeing in Ikea stores. Each poster is distinct, drawing from the artist's surroundings. Swiss artists the NEVERCREW describe their print — which was mistaken for a million dollar painting — as a theme of living structures they've been following for years.

While they won't necessarily be to everyone's taste, at this price point, it seems like an easy way to add some colour to rooms that could use it. Plus, if you get sick of the piece, you can always hand it off to your younger sibling for their first apartment.

Get a closer look at each of the limited edition prints in the slideshow below:

  • Tick Tock Motif
    Tick Tock Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: John Matos aka Crash
  • Interpretation Motif
    Interpretation Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Carolina Falkholt
  • Underwater Motif
    Underwater Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Hamilton Yokota aka Tfreak
  • Bird Motif
    Bird Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Chen Yingjie aka Hua Tunan
  • Kaleidoscope Motif
    Kaleidoscope Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Nuria Mora
  • Black And White Motif
    Black And White Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Jeroen Erosie
  • Illustrative Motif
    Illustrative Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Nikola & Ivan Gajic aka Sobekcis
  • Exotic Motif
    Exotic Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Guillaume & Coralie Grando aka Koralie Supakitch
  • Warrior Motif
    Warrior Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Elle
  • Whale Motif
    Whale Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni aka Nevercrew
  • Carnival Motif
    Carnival Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Mariusz Waras aka Mcity
  • Headgear Motif
    Headgear Motif
    Cost: $20 Artist: Eko Nugroho