04/01/2015 01:39 EDT | Updated 04/02/2015 02:59 EDT

WestJet's #SmartSeats April Fool's Day Prank Is One Of Our Favourites

Travelling is enough of a pain without having to wait in an orderly fashion, especially when it comes to sitting on an airplane and getting to our destination.

But it seems like WestJet was listening to our woes, and decided to create the next best thing in travel: check-in lounge seats that go straight into the plane. The new concept, a widely-shared April's Fool Day prank of course, may be all for fun, but we really see the functionality of this idea.

Now we can just sit as we wait and wait and wait and do useful things like taking a nap, reading a magazine or even, sitting, eating and binge watching shows on our tablets — which (according to us) can be good for your health.

And of course, because it's just a prototype, it seems like these seats still have a few quirks. Watch the video above to see the #SmartSeats in action.

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