04/02/2015 04:02 EDT | Updated 04/07/2015 05:59 EDT

Cosmopolitan Facing Backlash For Using White Models For 'Gorgeous' Trends And Black Models For 'Trends That Need To Die'

The article was originally published back in January but resurfaced over social media recently. That's when people began angrily tweeting about the magazine's choice of models -- some even encouraging users to boycott the magazine altogether.

And while we do see why this post has received such backlash, we have a feeling this wasn't the writer's intention. However, The Gloss said it best: "As a writer, it is important to select photos that accurately showcase a trend but it is just as important to have the images reflect your readers and society. The lack of diversity and choosing women of color for the fads section may have been an oversight, but it is something that happens a bit too frequently."

We couldn't agree more.

UPDATE: Cosmo has issued an apology, after Joan Smalls (who was one of the models featured in the trends that need to "die" section) tweeted out her anger.

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