04/02/2015 09:40 EDT | Updated 06/02/2015 05:59 EDT

Kayla Bourque, animal killer, denied bail for allegedly breaching probation conditions

Convicted animal killer Kayla Bourque was denied bail in court in Vancouver on Thursday after being arrested for allegedly breaching the conditions of her probation surrounding her use of the internet.

The reasons for which she was denied bail cannot be reported due to a publication ban. 

According to court documents, Bourque was arrested after allegedly accessing social networking sites and possessing a computer or device capable of accessing the internet between March 10 and 16.

Under the terms of her probation, Bourque is only allowed to access the internet to look for work.

Bourque, now 25, was convicted in November 2012 of causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to animals, wilfully and without lawful excuse killing animals, and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose. She also faced child pornography charges that were stayed.

She was sentenced to two months in prison in 2013 for unlawfully killing cats, but had already spent six months in custody by the time she was sentenced. 

In January 2013, B.C.'s Ministry of Justice confirmed Bourque was released on probation after serving just over seven months in custody, and the judge made 46 conditions of probation to be kept over three years.