04/02/2015 09:25 EDT | Updated 04/02/2015 09:59 EDT

Keiko The Lost Husky Gets A Relaxing Bus Ride In Halifax Before Returning Home

Sometimes you just need to go for a drive to get your mind off things.

That's exactly what this 2-year-old husky from Dartmouth, N.S. did. Keiko escaped from her owner's backyard Tuesday and ended up on a busy Halifax street dodging cars, according to The Chronicle Herald. Thankfully, a passenger waiting at a bus stop brought her to the curb and called animal services.

That's when bus driver and dog lover Gerry O’Donnell pulled up.

“The passenger told me that the dog almost got hit by two cars and of course my heart sank,” O’Donnell told the newspaper.

Because O’Donnell knew it would be a while before animal services showed up, she decided to break the rules and allow Keiko to ride on the Halifax Transit bus.

Keiko Gets a Special Ride to Safety! The Kindness of Folks Never Stops to Amaze Us! HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’...

Posted by Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Keiko had "beautiful temperament" throughout the ride, says O'Donnell, who took the dog on her entire bus route as she sat quietly on a seat and looked out the window.

At the end of the ride, the bus driver took a photo of the canine, sharing it with her friends and the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network.

Meanwhile, Keiko's owner Paige Price was looking for her beloved husky through the same network's Facebook page and replied to O'Donnell's post in just minutes.

Price laughed that her "very energetic" dog's story had gone viral.

Keiko escaped at 4 p.m. and was home in just five hours, but not before having an adventurous day out.

Price posted the now-famous photo on her Facebook, calling it her "favourite picture of all time."

On the other hand, O'Donnell says she's still waiting for Keiko to pay up $2.50 for her bus ticket.

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