04/02/2015 01:19 EDT | Updated 04/02/2015 01:59 EDT

These Are The Telcos Canadians Complain About The Most

Canadians are filing fewer complaints about their telecom providers, but the ones they’re filing has a watchdog agency worried.

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunication Services (CCTS) is reporting an 8.5-per-cent decrease in the number of complaints against telecom companies between August of last year and January of this year.

But the CCTS is “concerned” that consumers are raising two types of complaints more frequently: Incorrect billing and “non-disclosure of contract terms.”

Bell Canada and Rogers led the way on complaints, and the two are in a league of their own with 1,989 complaints and 1,240 complaints, respectively.

The other major national wireless carrier, Telus, recorded far fewer complaints — 243 — but Telus has a smaller role outside wireless than Bell and Rogers.

Some smaller companies ranked high on the complaints list. Wind Mobile, for instance, got 50 per cent more complaints than Telus, even though the startup wireless company has a much smaller market share.

Here are the telecoms with the most complaints:

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