04/04/2015 11:01 EDT | Updated 06/04/2015 05:59 EDT

Rob Ford: 10 reasons why he's great for the HHOF board

You may have noticed, if you were awake and had access to (or were within 100 feet of) any sort of modern digital device, that the Hockey Hall of Fame appointed a new member to their board on Saturday. 

That person is Rob Ford. Yes, that Rob Ford. Yes, the one who was mayor of Toronto. Yes, him. 

A few people (also known as nearly the entire population of Twitter) did not think that this move was one of the smartest things the Hockey Hall of Fame has ever done. But we couldn't agree more that Rob Ford is an ideal candidate for the prestigious position. Below, we lay out the evidence proving this fact, with supplemental information to support our arguments. 

This may or may not be completely sarcastic. And the content, surprisingly, may not be suitable for some. 

Anyway. Rob Ford is a good addition to the Hockey Hall of Fame Board because… 

He is supremely coordinated

He is very discreet

His attendance record speaks for itself

"Some people like the prestige of it, I like the action. I like rolling up my sleeves and showing up to meetings and getting it done," Ford told The Canadian Press when the appointment was announced. "What I don't like is when people sign up and want to go to these boards and commissions and they don't show up."

For his part, Rob Ford skipped a council meeting three days earlier to maintain his attendance at games that the Toronto Maple Leafs lose. 

Speaking of…

He is unbiased

He knows how to focus during crucial moments

He doesn't let anything get in the way of important issues

He only surrounds himself with reputable people

He is respected worldwide

He, in turn, respects people from all walks of life

He is for the children

Ford told CP that he wanted to help promote the sport to children. The following is a video of Ford swearing in front of a room of kids. 


It took all of four hours for the Hockey Hall of Fame to distance themselves from the appointment.