04/06/2015 11:16 EDT | Updated 04/06/2015 11:59 EDT

Woman Transforms Herself Into Easter Bunny Using Only Makeup

Well that's one way to celebrate Easter!

Well that's one way to celebrate Easter!

Maria Malone-Guerbaa, a 41-year-old makeup artist from London, took theme dressing to the next level when she transformed herself into the Easter bunny using only makeup.

And just check out the look in motion:

It took Maria three hours to turn herself into an eerily lifelike rabbit, including the 20-minute interval breaks to take pictures of the progress.

The mother-of-two looked to Google for inspiration, and managed to create bunny ears, big bright eyes, and a fluffy nose using no prosthetics or special effects.

"I just went on my iPhone and searched for rabbits on Google Images. You get so many then that you can just form your own picture," she said.

And the rabbit isn't the only incredible makeup transformation done by Malone-Guebraa -- she's also turned herself into an owl, a snow leopard and even Robin Williams.


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