04/07/2015 01:39 EDT | Updated 06/07/2015 05:59 EDT

Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann Says Alberta Needs A Party It Can Trust

CALGARY - Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says the provincial election campaign will be all about who voters can trust.

Swann says the party has show it is a leader when it comes to promoting progressive issues such as equal pay for work of equal value and gay-straight alliances in schools.

He says the Liberals will fight to build more public transit and improve access to health care.

Swann also says the Liberals will champion the needs of small business owners and push for more protection for the environment.

The Alberta Liberals held five seats at dissolution.

The party has candidates nominated in about 30 of Alberta's 87 constituencies.

"Over the last three years, Albertans have learned they can count on Alberta Liberals to lead on progressive, forward thinking issues," Swann said Tuesday in Calgary.

"Today Mr. Prentice made the decision to break his word to Albertans and call an unnecessary, costly, and early election.

"At a time when Albertans are worried about their jobs, their children, and their communities, the premier is more interested in solidifying his grip on power than helping Albertans."

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