04/07/2015 02:30 EDT | Updated 04/08/2015 01:59 EDT

'Deadpool' In Vancouver: Ryan Reynolds Movie Closes Georgia Viaduct

Actor Ryan Reynolds politely tweeted his thanks to commuters.

Photographers and fans craned for a glimpse of Vancouver native Ryan Reynolds as he filmed "Deadpool" on a normally busy roadway.

The Georgia Viaduct is being shut down for several days to accommodate the Marvel comic action hero movie. In typical Canadian fashion, Reynolds politely tweeted his thanks to the city and to commuters impacted by the road closure on Monday.

Photographer @Pursuit23 tweeted a few photos of Reynolds and his stunt double on the set Monday:

Photographer Darryl Dyck also captured some nice close-up action for The Globe and Mail.

Those photos, as well as images taken by people in nearby condos, suggest Reynolds was filming a scene that was leaked last summer. The test footage showed Deadpool walking off an overpass and landing through the sunroof of a moving SUV.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Reynolds is reprising his " X-Men Origins: Wolverine" role as a former Special Forces agent who adopts the alter ego of Deadpool after gaining accelerated healing powers.

"Deadpool" is creating 1,100 jobs and bringing $37.5 million into Vancouver, said a city press release. The movie is scheduled to be released in North American theatres next February.