04/07/2015 03:02 EDT | Updated 06/07/2015 05:59 EDT

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean Will Use Contracts To Prevent Member Floor-Crossings

"There will be no floor crossing out of the Wildrose Party."

CALGARY - Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean is telling voters that only his party will protect Albertans from crippling tax increases.

Jean, surrounded by candidates and supporters, launched the Wildrose election campaign in Calgary.

The newly-elected leader says a vote for any other party is a vote for higher taxes.

The former Tory MP says a Wildrose government would roll back Progressive Conservative tax increases, return Alberta to balanced budgets, fix health care, and make government more accountable.

Jean also says each Wildrose candidate will be required to sign a contract to prevent a repeat of the mass defection last December where former leader Danielle Smith and eight other members crossed the floor to join the government.

He says breaking the contract would cost a floor-crosser a $100,000 fine.

"There will be no floor crossing out of the Wildrose Party," Jean said Tuesday.

"I would suggest that is more than a year's wage and that would deter anyone from doing that. Certainly I think that's a good first step."

Jean said if the Wildrose forms the government it would introduce legislation to prohibit any member of the legislature from crossing the floor to join another party.

He said he has taken steps to make sure that only one person can sign the papers of Wildrose candidates.

"That one person is me and I will not sign any candidate's papers that will not sign that contract."

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