04/08/2015 12:12 EDT | Updated 06/08/2015 05:59 EDT

12,000 to attend mysterious 'block party' in Trinity Bellwoods

A mass party planned for Toronto's Trinity Bellwoods Park is being treated with a mix of skepticism, excitement and ridicule as more than 12,000 people have committed to attending.

The party, titled Trinity Bellwoods Block Party 2015, is scheduled for June 5.

Trinity Bellwoods has become a popular hangout for young, affluent people who drink alcohol, listen to music and have picnics in the west-end park. But Trinity Bellwoods has also earned the attention of police, who seek to curb the drinking, noise and urinating in the park. Community members have voiced concerns over how the park is being used in the past.

Comments on the Facebook event veer from enthusiastic to sarcastic, with others protesting the overcrowding in the park.

"OH GOD YES," wrote on man who intends to go.

"Trinity Bellwoods was once a nice place to relax, hang out and meet some local people. It's now become an over-crowded and noisy place, full of mostly bland and uninteresting people who flock here to experience 'the cool,'" wrote one man. "Sorry folks it's over and you missed it."

"I'll be sure to bring my tight rope and acoustic guitar to show everyone what a douchebag I truly am. See you there ... not," said another man who declined the invite.

"As someone who knows from experience, unless you've got the official permits and the green light from the city and whatnot, you're really doing everyone a disservice. Just remember that," said another.

Of course many online have suggested the Facebook page is itself a satire — mocking the very people who publicly said they would attend the event.

The organizers of the event are private, and thus far have not responded to any of the concerns over the event.

Police have initiated crackdowns on drinking in the park in the last two years, handing out numerous $125 fines for drinking in public.