04/08/2015 06:30 EDT | Updated 06/08/2015 05:59 EDT

Alberta Party platform calls for higher corporate taxes, no school fees

EDMONTON - The Alberta Party is calling for higher corporate taxes and phasing out school fees.

The measures are just two of the planks of the party's campaign platform it hopes will attract the attention of voters.

The Alberta Party, which didn't have a seat in the legislature before the May 5 election was called, plans to run 40 candidates, mainly in urban areas.

Leader Greg Clark says the Progressive Conservatives have made Alberta too dependent on the price of oil.

Clark says the party also wants to protect core services in health and education by balancing the budget over six years.

On the environment front the platform calls for accelerating the phase out of coal power.

"Our platform has the right balance and will solve Alberta's fiscal problems once and for all," Clark said Wednesday.

"With this platform the Alberta Party is providing Albertans with a positive and compelling choice that reflects the values of modern Alberta."