Beijing Ikea Reportedly Bans Napping In Stores

We've all had that special moment in Ikea when we walk into a showroom, and just for a second, pretend everything is ours.

But a few sleepy people in Beijing have taken this to the next level. According to the video above by GeoBeats, there have been several reports of people showing up in the city's furniture store (since last year) to take naps to escape the heat. Yes, on top of looking for a new dining table or admiring all the colourful vases and cups, people have simply tucked themselves into the store's beds.

Now the company has reportedly introduced a zero-tolerance policy on napping in stores, after several employees complained about sleepers getting in the way of sales. Last summer, a Wall Street Journal photographer created a photo essay of images of several people — from seniors to mothers and babies — sleeping in stores.

And while the company's spokespeople at that time had said, “we’re happy people feel at home in our stores,” according to Yahoo News, it seems like the company has changed their view.

Hey, look, we get it — napping is important and you should be able to take some time in the day to catch some zzz's. Last December, the store even poked fun at itself and created this:

It just seems that people in Beijing will have to find somewhere else to catch some shut-eye.

Watch the video above to find out what all this fuss is about.

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