04/08/2015 03:23 EDT | Updated 04/09/2015 11:59 EDT

This Breathalyzer Calls Free Uber Rides For Drunk Canadians

Uber has found a clever way of taking away excuses for people who are too drunk to drive home.

The ride share company held an experiment in Toronto where they set up a breathalyzer kiosk and invited revelers to test how drunk they were.

The reward? A ride home.

A video of the kiosk was posted to YouTube on Tuesday.

Passersby were asked to blow into the breathalyzer, labelled "Uber Safe," through a straw for six seconds. It would then analyze the alcohol content on their breath and offer a ride if they were too drunk to drive themselves.

Participants in the video were then driven home for free.

The breathalyzer kiosk was drawn up by creative agency Rethink and built by Stacklab, Adweek reported.

It's not the first time that Uber has tackled the issue of drunk driving.

The company has also partnered with Breathometer, a smartphone breathalyzer, by offering free rides to users of the mobile tool who had just started using Uber, Engadget reported.

People who used the rideshare company were also given a 10 per cent discount on its Breeze and Original Breathometer products up until March 7 of this year.

The breathalyzer kiosk came as Uber has faced opposition from certain parties in cities such as Toronto, some of whom have opposed the idea of unlicensed drivers offering free rides.

The company has no plans to leave Canada despite the resistance.

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