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Elderly Woman Caught Stealing Patio Furniture In B.C. Video

The woman peers through the home's window before taking a table.

Rant wife just got new table for porch and someone ripped it off was only there 12 hours anyone know her?? Vernon bc

Posted by Monster Malinosky on Sunday, 5 April 2015

A family in Vernon, B.C. was stunned to discover that they were victims of theft, but the real shock came when they saw security footage of the apparent suspect — an elderly woman wearing what appears to be pajamas and slippers.

Mike Malinosky posted the home video on the Vernon Rant and Rave Facebook page, hoping to find someone who recognizes the woman. (Watch the video above.)

In the footage taken on Friday morning, the woman strolls onto the patio and checks to see if she's being watched before making off with a small table. The furniture — worth about $40, according to CTV News — had been on the porch for a mere 12 hours before it was stolen.

Some Facebook users have jumped to the senior's defence.

"It is possible this old woman isn't some criminal mastermind," one person posted. "It is possible she might have dementia and not be in her right mind."

Malinosky argued otherwise, replying that the lady knew what she was doing "by sneaking up on my porch and looking in my window" before taking the table.

Others in the area have also had patio furniture stolen, according to the thread. One woman said she recently had a bistro table and chairs taken from her property.

Vernon RCMP spokesman Gord Molendyk told CBC News that the police are looking into the incident.

"It is a criminal investigation,"" Molendyk told the outlet. "And yeah, it's theft."

Malinosky said he's also shown the video to several neighbours, but no one has been able to identify the woman.

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