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Katy Perry Has A Doppelganger -- And It's Not Zooey Deschanel

Katy Perry, meet... Katy Perry?

Yes, it seems as though the "Firework" singer has a doppelganger, and it's not Zooey Deschanel.

Meet Francesa Brown, a British actress who bares such a striking resemblance to the Katy, we are questioning if they were separated at birth.

Take a look for yourself:

The now-social media sensation has over 17 thousand followers on Instagram, thanks to her jaw-dropping selfies that make even the most die-hard fans of the "Roar" singer do a double-take.

Half and half of me and @katyperry haha 😂

A photo posted by francesca_brown (@francesca_brown) on

Seriously, the two look so alike that they could star in a "Parent Trap" musical remake -- maybe even with Zooey! The tagline? "Three's a crowd."

But big doe eyes and lashes for days aren't the only similarities the two beauties share -- Brown also has quite the set of pipes on her. However, there's no mixing up their voices, as their sounds are distinctly different from one another.

Looking like a famous pop star isn't all likes and follows, though. The 31-year-old told Elle that looking like the "California Gurls" singer is making looking for a job that much harder.

"I was going up for auditions, and I kept getting the comparison to Katy Perry. For some reason -- I don’t know why -- it was costing me jobs," Brown told the glossy.

And not even a hair dye job can save her from comparisons to Katy -- regardless of her hair colour, Francesca still gets chased around her hometown, London.

"I went to a music festival here in London, and there were cameras and crowds of people turned up wanting their picture [with me]," she told. "It’s hard to find a hair color that Katy Perry hasn’t tried!"

But at the end of the day, Francesca doesn't mind the comparison.

We applaud the actress for being such a good sport! The real question is, though, is the world ready for two Katy Perrys?

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