04/09/2015 01:02 EDT | Updated 06/08/2015 05:59 EDT

Okanagan ice cream shop catches thieves on surveillance

An Okanagan ice cream shop is hoping a big scoop of public shaming will stop culprits from stealing equipment from their property.

On Monday, Tickleberry's, which has been selling ice cream in Okanagan falls for the past 25 years, reported its second robbery in the past six months.

But the thieves weren't targeting ice cream and candy.

The first time it happened, a large propane tank was stolen. That robbery led Aaron Hoy, Tickleberry's co-owner, to set up a surveillance camera outside his business.

The camera captured two thieves trespassing on the property Monday night. The video shows two people dismantling the wheelbarrow and putting it in the back seat of their car.  But Hoy says the culprits left the wheelbarrow's feet behind.

"It's not even a useful wheelbarrow."

Hoy shared two videos of the incident on Tickleberry's Facebook page, garnering nearly 20,000 views.

"They aren't big enough crimes to get the police out looking for a major criminal or anything. It's easier to put on Facebook," said Hoy. "When you see yourself on camera doing something wrong, it definitely gives you a pause. 

Whether or not he finds out who stole from his business, Hoy hopes sharing the video deters any future burglaries.

"Shame is a very powerful weapon."