04/09/2015 07:34 EDT | Updated 04/09/2015 07:59 EDT

New Online Tool Sums Up Your Life Based On Your Postal Code

Are you a "cosmopolitan elite" or "aging in suburbia"?

You may never look at your neighbours the same way again with a new online tool that neatly categorizes Canadians according to their postal code.

PRIZM5 sorts us into one of 68 different lifestyle types, and spits out a (mostly accurate) description of you and your neighbours, as well as your income, education level, and even favourite pastimes.

For example, those who call downtown Toronto home are "Urban Digerati":

People who live in B.C.'s Fraser Valley are "Aging in Suburbia":

And families in Calgary's Tuscany neighbourhood (where the prime minister has a home) are all about "Kids & Careers":

Created by Environics Analytics, the tool uses info from two of the company's databases and Statistics Canada's 2011 census, as well as marketing and media sources, according to a news release.

It's catered to businesses that want to dig into their customer demographic better. (But who says you can't just spend hours typing in the postal codes of your friends and family. Not that we tried or anything.)

"The system identifies Canada’s dominant population segments, reveals their behaviour and mindset, and provides insights into how marketers can reach them," says Jan Kestle, EA founder and president, in a statement. "In order to engage consumers, brands really have to get to know them."

What does your postal code says about you? Click here (but we're warning you, it's addictive.)

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