04/10/2015 11:52 EDT

We Can't Tell Whether This Cat Is Going Up Or Down. It's Like The Dress.

Two months ago, a dress divided the Internet between users who thought it was black and blue, or white and gold.

Now, another optical illusion has split the online world once more.

Take a look at the following photo and tell us whether the cat is climbing, or descending the staircase.

The image appeared on viral website 9Gag (after showing up on an Arabic website in 2012) and, like the dress, it has commenters bickering over whether it's going in one direction or the other.

Twitter users are also at odds about it.

The key difference between this image and #TheDress is that people don't seem nearly as sure of themselves this time.

When #TheDress started trending, people took firm stances on its colour scheme.

Wired later published a piece attributing those divisions to different ways that people process colour.

We're not sure whether that explanation will be of any help this time, because we really can see both sides.

Help us! Tell us in the comments whether the cat is going down or up!

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