04/10/2015 08:42 EDT | Updated 06/10/2015 03:59 EDT

Mother of London baby left on driveway appears in court

The mother of an eight-week-old baby boy left on a London driveway in frigid temperatures in early March was in court Thursday facing two sets of charges.

One set of charges involved the day in March when the 31-year old was arrested in connection to the incident regarding the infant.

The baby boy was discovered by a neighbour in the early morning hours on March 10 in sub-zero temperatures. Earlier that morning, the mother was arrested and charged with drunk driving. She was later charged with abandonment of a child and failure to provide the necessaries of life.  

That case has now been put over until May.

The incident, unusual as it is, took another strange twist after the arrest when a senior police officer with the London police force admitted it took too long to start investigating the woman's claims that she had been abused by the baby's father, and police should not have named the mother publicly.

The other set of charges the woman faced in court dated back to incidents in 2013.  

The mother pleaded guilty to fraud under $5,000, admitting to stealing almost $500 from her from her employer in 2013.      
Her lawyer told the court the woman was desperate for money because she has a blood condition but no benefits to cover the treatment.  The lawyer said his client had spent ten years in the armed forces and had done two tours of duty, though he didn't say where.

After entering the guilty plea, the mother told the judge she'd made a mistake, she was sorry and she'd pay the money back.

She's on probation for 12 months while her other legal matters make their way through the courts.