04/11/2015 07:45 EDT | Updated 06/14/2015 02:59 EDT

Prince George to air Crazy Beautiful You, its first Filipino film, in theatres

This weekend, Prince George will play a Filipino movie for the first time at one of its theatres.

The event is organized by Jo Ocbena, who moved to B.C. from the Philippines in 2011. She says although the city's Filipino community is small, it is very proud of its heritage.

"Most of us weren't born there, but we're still so attached to our culture," she said.

The film being shown is Crazy Beautiful You, featuring Filipino movie star Daniel Padilla. The movie has already grossed over $2.5 million in box offices outside of the Philippines.

Everyone is welcome

Ocbena hopes the movie, which will play in Tagalog, but includes English subtitles, can help the community learn more about her culture. 

"It's very fulfilling knowing that you've done something for the community. My husband and I are always wondering how we can give back, so if we see a lot of people lining up for this movie it would be very awesome."

Crazy Beautiful You is being shown on Sunday at the Prince George Famous Players cinema at 10 p.m.