04/11/2015 02:05 EDT | Updated 06/13/2015 10:59 EDT

Vancouver oil spill removed from water, coast guard says

Only about six litres of oil remained in B.C.'s English Bay late on Friday night, when a Transport Canada plane flew over the site of the recent spill, and most of that would have evaporated over night, according to a Coast Guard official. 

Assistant Coast Guard Commissioner Roger Girouard said on Saturday there is currently no indication of distress among marine mammals, but a number of teams are on the water monitoring the situation.

"The small number of birds impacted is an indicator of how successful we were getting the oil as fast as possible," Girouard said at a morning news conference. 

An estimated 2,700 litres, or more than two tonnes, of oil was spilled on Wednesday. 

Girouard said the focus now turns to what he described as the small amount of oil that managed to make it to shore 

"On the shoreline, every indication we have is the soiling is in fact minor," he said. "There are a couple of spots where a one-metre globule got onto some rock, but in the main, even on the worst-impacted site in West Vancouver, thankfully the impact is relatively minor."

"That does not mean we won't address it."

Girouard said crews will work on shoreline cleanup over the next several days.