04/13/2015 05:31 EDT | Updated 04/13/2015 05:59 EDT

What Anti-Vaxxers Sound Like To Everyone Else

You may roll your eyes when you hear an anti-vaxxer's rant on medication or the flu, but if we really took some of their thoughts and combined them with everyday conversations, it would sound something like this.

In a new viral video by YouTuber Alex Hluch and the faces behind Girls Pants Production, the team tries to show how ridiculous some of these claims sound like to everyone else. Called "How Anti-Vaxxers Sound to Normal People," the video above goes through different scenarios with an anti-vaxxer touch on everything from tanning to using condoms and even eating salads (which can apparently lead to obesity. Maybe).

And while this may all seem like a joke, there are Canadians who believe vaccinations do more harm than good. Although polls suggest nearly nine out of 10 Canadians believe vaccinations can protect you from disease, according to the Angus Reid Institute, nine per cent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 described themselves as vaccine opponents. Another poll found Canadians who were opposed of vaccination were afraid of health concerns (like autism) or were influenced by religion.

But what do you think about this video?

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