04/13/2015 12:44 EDT

Piano-Playing Rescue Dog From Edmonton Is Totally Talented

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Sadie, a German Shepherd/Border Collie-cross from Edmonton, proves that dogs are keen to pick up new talents when patience and practice are allowed.

In a video posted to YouTube last week, the musical rescue dog is seen sitting upright at an organ, pounding out a tune with both paws. After the concert, she even takes a deep, downward-dog bow!

"What I did was chained a whole bunch of behaviours together," owner Casi Hofstede explained Global News about the training procedure.

"First I taught her to jump up on the bench, then I taught her to turn to organ on with her teeth, then actually put her paws up on the organ and play it, and then to stand and take a bow at the end."

The result is absolutely adorable. When Sadie makes a mistake, she covers her face with a paw, until Hofstede encourages her to continue. “It’s okay, try again,” she says.

According to the video's description, Sadie, aged six, was adopted from an animal rescue shelter in 2009.


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