04/13/2015 05:46 EDT | Updated 04/15/2015 08:59 EDT

Watch This Doughnut Deliciously Go Where None Has Gone Before

Godspeed, little doughnut!

Stratolys, a hobby organization based out of Sweden, aimed to make history when it sent a doughnut to the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere on April 8.

The group posted a video of a pastry's sweet expedition to new heights to YouTube on Sunday.

Stratolys member Alexander Jönsson told that the group wanted to "send something that nobody had done before."

The whole operation, which was pegged at a cost of US$1,134.47, involved a weather balloon, GPS tracker, cameras and, of course, a doughnut, attached to a glass plank and coated in enamel paint.

Stratolys also had to launch it from Norway, where they didn't have to pay to obtain a permit.

The video shows the doughnut soaring to an altitude of 32 kilometres (about 68 kilometres short of the Karman Line) before the balloon pops and the pastry comes tumbling down.

Sadly, it didn't survive the journey; it was recovered in pieces.

And no, no one tried to eat it, according to CNET.

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