04/13/2015 04:30 EDT | Updated 04/13/2015 04:59 EDT

What To Wear To The Spadina Museum's Gatsby Garden Party

Toronto is about to time travel back to the Roaring '20s.

On June 28, the Spadina Museum will be throwing its second annual Gatsby Garden Party, and so far, 42 thousand people have RSVP'd on Facebook.

If you are among the Torontonians attending but are stuck on what to wear, don't worry, we've got you covered. But rather than look to the classic film the party is based on, we're taking some style inspiration from 1920s Canadian actress, Mary Pickford.

Pickford is one of Canada’s pioneer actresses, and the country's first female mogul -- she founded United Artists and she helped to establish The Academy. She started her career in the 1900s working on Broadway and later went to film. Her career took off in the '20s when she starred in films such as "Pollyanna", which grossed a whopping $1,100,000.

Besides being known as America’s Sweetheart or the girl with golden locks, her classic '20s style was constantly emulated by the public, so it only makes sense to grab some style inspo from this classic film star.

Here are some style tips to take from Mary Pickford when dressing for the Gatsby Garden Party:

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Mary Pickford '20s Style Inspiration

Fabrics: Pickford’s wardrobe featured a collection of beautiful silks, chiffon, velvet and lace. Choose a fabric that will make you feel glamorous and fits your body type effortlessly.

Outfit Details: In order to stand out, it's important to choose an outfit with gorgeous detailing. Try thick clinging fabrics and furs, like Pickford, or opt for softer details such as ruffles on your dress. If all else fails, a drop-waist dress will do the trick!

Accessories: Gloves, layers of beads, sparkling neck pieces and rhinestone earrings are your friends. Find these accessories at affordable prices from your favourite thrift store.

Headpiece: Glittering headpieces with feathers will give you that classic '20s look, and will certainly help you make an entrance. If you want to try something different, slick your hair back for a more glam look.

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