04/13/2015 02:58 EDT | Updated 06/19/2015 05:59 EDT

Liberal Leader Swann pitches full-day kindergarten, more care spaces for kids

EDMONTON - Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says the province needs to do more for children.

Swann says his team will fight during this provincial election for a number of initiatives, including more money for child-care spaces and full-day kindergarten.

Swann says Liberals will also push for the creation of a program that mandates parents be told of the risks of not vaccinating their children.

He says a Liberal government would also require the teaching of the concept of consent in the sexual education portion of the education curriculum.

Swann says the price of not implementing these proposals would cost Albertans far more in the long run.

The Alberta Liberals, with just 31 candidates, have already admitted they are not aiming to form majority government in the next election, which will see voters go to the polls on May 5.