04/13/2015 02:42 EDT | Updated 04/13/2015 02:59 EDT

Sleep Music: Songs That Will Help You Get Some Zzzs

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Soothing lullabies can put even the fussiest babies to bed, and as you get older serene songs can have the same effect.

In 2005, researchers studied the effects of music during sleep on an international scale and the results showed it's greatly beneficial. Listening to music not only improved sleep quality, it also positively impacted sleep duration, efficiency, and daytime functionality.

So, if you're becoming increasingly irritated by a bout of insomnia, it might be time to turn on those speakers. Just be warned, not all tunes will put you to bed. According to the Canadian Association for Occupational Therapists, the best music for sleep must be sedative in nature with a smooth tempo of 60 to 80 beats per minute.

You should also watch the volume. Last year, a study released in Pediatrics showed that white noise machines (commonly used for babies) played too loudly could have detrimental effects on hearing, reported Science News. So keep the music around 65 decibels (the volume of a soft shower) just in case.

Of course, calming harmonies are commonly associated with relaxing activities like yoga and meditation. Some researchers even believe music therapy can be used to lower heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure and hormone levels.

From pieces produced by doctors to calming classical tunes, we've rounded up some of the best songs to lull you to sleep. Check out the list below then let us know which songs do you listen to before bed.

Songs That Will Help You Get Some Zzzs