04/14/2015 11:48 EDT | Updated 04/14/2015 11:59 EDT

Bubbles Urges Nenshi To Halt Closure Of Calgary Trailer Park

"Trailer parks need to look out for one another!"


Bubbles, one of Canada's most recognized trailer park residents, has a few words for Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

The star of "The Trailer Park Boys" went to bat for the residents of Calgary's Midfield Mobile Home Park Monday, asking Nenshi to save the trailer park that is scheduled to close in two years time.

"Trailer parks need to look out for one another!" he said in a tweet.

Residents of the trailer park were handed eviction notices in May 2014, when officials informed them the park, which is owned by the city, would closed in the fall of 2017 due to aging infrastructure, reported the Calgary Sun.

Plans to relocate the residents to a new area were scrapped, as well. Instead, residents will receive $10,000 to move their trailers and an additional $10,000 lump sum payment.

Nenshi has denied that the city has immediate plans to redevelop the area, according to CBC News, and has maintained the payout residents will receive is fair.

“We had to make the decision on what to do, and how to be fair to those residents completely independent of any decision on the future of the land,” the mayor told CBC last May.

“Council and I have been very clear on that point, that this cannot be clouded by any decisions about what happens. Will the land be developed some day? Yeah. Will that happen anytime soon? No.”

Residents have been fighting back for almost a year, circulating a petition and mobilizing on social media.

In April, Bubbles retweeted the group's petition, after park resident Cindy MacDonald asked him to help get the word out.

“It was shocking, amazing that he even replied. He’s a celebrity, he’s busy,” MacDonald told the Calgary Herald, adding that Bubbles' endorsement made the issue known beyond Calgary and that people from around the world have signed the petition.

With the park's closure, approximately 300 residents in 173 homes will have to relocate.

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