04/14/2015 04:57 EDT | Updated 06/23/2015 08:59 EDT

NASA astronaut challenges baseball fans to guess MLB cities from space photos

MONTREAL - A NASA astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station has issued a challenge to fellow baseball fans — including supporters of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Terry Virts has been taking photos of the 28 cities that have Major League Baseball stadiums and posting them on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

His challenge is to get baseball lovers to look at the pictures and guess the cities.

Some of the locations are being presented in groups of four with fans having to guess which is theirs.

NASA spokeswoman Megan Sumner said in an interview that Blue Jays fans should get their chance on Wednesday.

"I already have the pictures and it's ready to go," she said from the Johnston Space Center in Houston.

"It's four images and you will have to guess which one is Toronto."

Baseball fans can follow along and take a guess at all the cities using the hashtag #ISSPlayBall.

Megan said the Toronto post will go out from @Space_Station on Twitter and @iss on Instagram.

NASA said in a news release that both day and night shots of the cities are being posted.

Sumner said the photos should also inspire baseball fans to learn more about the space station.

"There's a lot of passionate baseball fans out there that don't even know anything about the International Space Station, so I think it's important to reach out to those different audiences that we don't typically reach," she added.

Virts, 47, was born in Baltimore and is an Orioles fan.

NASA also hints that a Jackie Robinson replica jersey that's currently on the space station might make an appearance on Wednesday.

It was on April 15, in 1947, that Robinson, who once played for the Montreal Royals, ended 80 years of baseball segregation.

April 15 was baseball's opening day that year, and now it commemorates Robinson's place in history as the first black major league baseball player.

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