04/14/2015 03:12 EDT | Updated 04/14/2015 03:59 EDT

Spring Wedding Guest Outfits To Suit Every Style (PHOTOS)

If you were the lucky recipient of an obscene number of wedding invitations over the winter, chances are you’re gearing up for wedding season right now.

As wonderful as weddings can be, there’s an element of stress and even fear that comes with being a guest at 10 weddings spanning over three months. This Buzzfeed video encapsulates that overwhelming feeling quite accurately. Maybe a little exaggeration was utilized in the making….

So the bad news is, we can’t help you alleviate most of the associated stress but we can help you find the perfect spring wedding outfit. That’s half the battle anyways, right?

Here are some of our top picks that span a variety of looks and price points -- something for every stressed out wedding guest.

Spring Wedding Outfits

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